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  I'm happy to have such a good summer holiday!Of course,I have many things to prepare.

  First,I need to make a plan about my holiday.I will do my homework 5 hours a day,and I want to read some famous English books to improve my English study.Then, I will see some funny comedies.Mr.Bean or Tom Hanks's movies all cool! They can relax myself!If I have enough time,I will go dancing and

  swimming! I wanna keep fit,you know!And,I will spend some time on my math.I always be careless on the math exam.I want to be careful!

  I really have a large number of things to do,maybe It's a bit busy and

  nervous.but I like this sort of life.I will try my best to do these tings!I believe myself,I can do all of them!It's nice to have this kind of courage!




  My summer holiday begun on July 7th.I love summer holiday because I don't have to go to school and I can enjoy myself with my friends.I often spend the mornings doing my homework.And I always watch TV in the afternoon at home because it's very hot outside.And in the evening,I go swimming with my family and then hang out with my friends.I love swimming very much.


  My plan for August is travelling.I travel with my family every summer holiday.I like travelling because I can go to different places and meet different people.Sometimes I make good friends during the journey.And it's very sad to say goodbye to them when the journey ends.



  The summer holiday is coming. I’m going to have a good rest and learn to relax myself. I will read more useful books because reading more books is not only interesting but also helps me learn more knowledge. I will try to spend more time in chatting with my parents and help them to do some housework. I am going to take part in the social activities so that I can know more about the society. If possible, I’d like to make a trip to Xiamen. I’m sure I’ll have an interesting and meaningful summer holiday. I am looking forward to it.



  I'm happy to have such a good summer holiday!Of course,I have many things

  to prepare.

  First,I need to make a plan about my holiday.I will do my homework 5 hours a day,and I want to read some famous English books to improve myEnglish.

  Then, I will see some funny comedies. They can relax myself!

  If I have enough time,I will go to the beach.I will go there with my parents and cousins.We'll stay there for three days. We also will do a lot of things there,for examper,playingvolleyball ,windsurfing ,having barbecue at night.and so on.The trip will be the most wonderful one that I have ever have been going.

  I will try my best to do these tings! I hope I have a good time 。









  Summer holiday is coming.I am going to do many things that I want to do. For exampie,first I will jion a soccer club,because I like playing soccer.During the summer holiday, I want to practice more to improve my skills.Second I will go to my grandma's house,because I miss her very much.I want to stay with her for several days.Last I will help my mother do some housework. She was really tired when I was go to school. Except for taking care of me, she also has to work. Therefore, I want to help her in the holidays.What will you do on Summer Holiday?



  After the challenging College Entrance Examination, my anticipated summer holiday has begun. I will have a long winter holiday for almost three month. But I have already planned for it. Firstly, I will have a good rest at home and spend some time with my parents. I studied at school before, so I don’t have much time to company them. And then, I want to take a part-time job. I have graduated from senior school, and I think that a part-time job can help me being independent. I hope what I learn in school will be helpful to my new job. After earning some money, I want to have an after-graduation trip that I have been dreaming of for a very long time. My first choice is Xiamen, which is an attractive city. When the trip ends, it’s time for the college.



  A Plan for My Summer Holiday

  Summer holiday is coming. How excited! I have made a plan for my summer holiday. First of all, I will go to Hong Kong to visit my aunt. And then I will stay with her for a while. As Hong Kong is the shopping paradise, of course, I will ask my aunt to go shopping with me. I will also eat the delicious food there. And then I will go home. I know that study comes first. So I will finish my homework first. After that I will go out play with my friends. And then I will take a good rest to prepare for my coming back to school.





  篇四:The summer holiday (plan)英语作文 暑假计划

  The summer holiday is coming. It is a great time to do something interesting.

  In my class,

  talking there are it. many Some classmates about

  students are going to travel with their parents. Some are going to play ball game with their friends.

  As for me, I want to read some books when the beginning of the holiday. I’ll go to the nearly library to borrow some interesting books like the Necklace of raindrops and the Lolita. In fact ,here are lots of surprise waiting for you. Of course,if you want to miss it. What fling time in the library!

  I think it will be a perfect holiday.




  My summer holiday plan

  It's July now,and summer vacation is coming.Most of us are on

  vacation.And we all make a plan for summer vacation.I arrange it in order to make it meaningful and diverse.Of course,I'll finish my homework,take exercises every morning and a walk after dinner.Besides these,I'd like to learn how to cook meals,for I'm mature gradually and must be independent and no longer just rely on parents.What's more,I really expect to travel to Shanghai for World Expo.It's a precious opportunity to appreciate the get-together of different cultures and sciences.I wish I would have a fulfilled summer vacation.




  My Life in Summer Holiday


  Good morning, my dear fellows.I am happy to see all of our classmates come back to school.I would like to share my life in holiday with you.This summer holiday, I spent most of my time in playing, like watching TV, playing games, outing with friends and so on.But I also pay attention to my study.For example, I like watching the educational TV programs, so that I can both have fun and learn something new at the same time.Besides, I get up early to do some morning reading to practice my English.Of course, I finish my summer exercises on time.In short, my summer holiday is colorful and meaningful.How about your life in summer holiday?I am eager to know.




  This July, I graduatedfrom primary school.I was enrolled to a good middle school.Therefore, I had ahappy and leisure summer holiday.In the middle of July, I attended to a summer camp. It’s about English.There were twenty five students in the camp. We alllike English very much.Together, we studied and played.There were manyactivities, team work or single performance.We tried our best to put ourselvesinto this big family.Most of the time, we talked to each other in English.If we really don’t know how to express in English, we could ask for help.Our teachers were so great that they could help us a lot.They were so active thatmake us acted as they did.I am happy to attend this activity.






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